Tell Sarah is a voluntary safety reporting system.

We can Tell Sarah about aviation hazards, conditions, processes or practices that may pose safety risk to aviation operations.

Reports received are for the sole purpose of enhancing aviation safety.

Together, we can play a part to ensure aviation safety.

With Tell Sarah, we can collectively better anticipate and mitigate safety risks!

Simply Tell Sarah in 3 easy steps:

1. Click on “Tell Sarah Now”

2. Fill up the form and upload picture(s) if you have any

3. Send!

Tell Sarah is administered by KPMG, an independent party.

All reports received will be handled by KPMG and with full confidentiality.

Your identity will only be known to KPMG, unless you have given consent to share your details with another party.

Tell Sarah welcomes reports on aviation hazards and/or unsafe practices encountered.

However, Tell Sarah is unable to accept:

• Aviation occurrences that are mandatory to be reported to CAAS or TSIB, such as aircraft accidents, serious incidents and reportable safety matters

• Incidents or events with no aviation safety content

• Criminal activities